Northern Vermont Wildcats
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Official Rules

1) All games will be played in accordance with USA Hockey rules. Including: No icing on the penalty kill and teams can change on an icing call.

  • One exception: Delayed Off-Sides for all ages at all levels

2) USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policy will apply for all players, coaches & parents

3) Round Robin games

  • Two (2) - 18 minute halves. Ice cut after each game

  • 3 Minute warm-up

  • No overtime in Round Robin games. Games may end in a tie

  • If a team leads by 5 or more goals in the 2nd Half, the clock will not stop and will only stop if a team gets back within 4 goals

  • Minor Penalty: 1:30

  • Major Penalty: 4:00

  • Misconduct: 10:00

  • Five penalties in one game = Game Misconduct for current game

  • Checking is permitted at U14, U16, & U18 levels

  • Players can only be rostered on one team per division and must play in minimum of two games to be eligible for playoffs

4) Schedule of Scores, Standings Board, and Rules will be posted online, only, at 

5) Point System: Win 2 points, Loss 0 points, Tie 1 point

6) There will be a max goal differential of 6 per game. If a team wins 11-1 or 7-1, it will show up as 7-1

7) If a team is found to have an illegal player, the opposing team MUST challenge the illegal player BEFORE the game starts. Once the game starts, there is NO option to challenge anything


Standings Tie Breaker Format

If two teams are tied with equal points to determine the winner will go as follows:

  • Points

  • Wins (ex: 2-1 beats 1-0-2)

  • Head to Head (gets thrown out in a 3+ way tie)

  • Goals Against

  • Goals For

  • Goal Differential (Max +/- 6)

  • Coin Flip (Team furthest away chooses)


Playoff Game Format

  • One (1) - 30 second time out is allowed to each team in Championship Games only

  • Only Overtime in Championship Games:

    • 5 man shoot-out. Can not repeat shooters. If tied after 5 rounds, continue each single round until a winner. Can repeat after 5 shooters, if goes to Sudden Death